The Source of All Life

Our understanding of the nature of what makes up our universe, our planet and all life that exists on it has progressed a long way in the last few decades.

The major advances made in quantum physics have allowed scientists to be able to more accurately explain what life is made up of and where everything came from and where it's going.

However, it takes a fair amount of faith to be able to comprehend what scientists now know is one of the fundamental truths of our universe.

For many years, scientists believed that everything in the known universe was made up of just two things. They were matter and energy. Everything we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste was believed to have been formed from a mass of atoms.

Most people understand what an atom is and that it consists of a nucleus of protons, neutrons and electrons. The atom has been studied and scrutinized for many years in an attempt to understand what its entire makeup consisted of and why it is what it is.

With amazing test equipment recently made available to scientists to test the theories that surrounded this interaction between matter and energy, it was discovered that the belief was fundamentally wrong. It was discovered and is now fairly universally accepted that everything is not made of matter and energy, but that everything is purely energy. That means everything we can sense with our five senses is energy brought into form through the laws of physics.

But it goes further than that.

There are far more things that we humans can sense with the physical equipment we were born with. There are radio waves that we cannot see or hear, touch or sense in any way, electricity that we still do not understand fully, light waves that are invisible to our eyes and sound waves that are inaudible to our ears.

Just because we cannot sense these and other things, doesn't mean they are not there!

That statement is pivotal to understanding this stuff. You have to accept that there are things that we know to exist that we cannot verify with the physical human equipment that we possess. But these things can be measured with sophisticated equipment that we can build and operate.

Extremely high frequency sound can be measured even though we cannot hear it. Electricity can be monitored and we can see the results of it in electric lights or heater, but we cannot see or hear the electricity itself running through wires! We can certainly feel it if we are on the receiving end of an electrical shock!

Just as these frequencies that we cannot sense ourselves can be measured by sensitive instruments, so can something that we never believed could be measured before.

Our thoughts.

Our thoughts are measurable and they each have a frequency. The latest ultra sensitive equipment can measure the frequency of thoughts. Sure, we can't decipher what those thoughts are, but we know that a thought is a physical creation that can be measured in the same way that a radio emission can be measured.

Imagine that! Now it is time to take a big leap of faith.

If you can comprehend the fact that a thought is a measurable entity, which it is, then a thought has some influence on its surroundings, just as a radio wave can be picked up by a suitable receiving station. Each thought vibrates at a certain frequency, just as a radio wave vibrates at a certain frequency. We can measure the vibration of radio waves and light waves and sound waves and we can also measure the frequency of thought waves.

We can create and control what we think about. It follows that if we can create and control out thoughts, then those thoughts can influence things. They can influence us and they can influence those around us. Not to the level where we can cause another person to become a slave to our will or where we can read another's thoughts. But the influence is extremely subtle. Here's an example:

You are walking down the street and find yourself thinking about someone you haven't seen or heard from in a while. Then out of the blue, they call you or you get a letter or email from them. You put this down to coincidence, but is it? Try this:

You are trying to remember someone's name and it's on the tip of your tongue, but the harder you try to remember it the more it eludes you. Then you stop thinking about it and get on with something else and all of a sudden you remember it without trying. How does that happen?

These things don't just happen. They are all a part of what has come to be known as the Law of Attraction. It is a law that is as definite and real as the Law of Gravity. The difference is that gravity attracts physical objects while attraction works by "like" frequencies attracting "like" frequencies. This law and its workings are discussed in the next article.