Yoga as a Form of Physical Exercise

yogaYoga is a broad topic which is related to good health and better living. Yoga is not a religion, and definitely not a cult. In actual fact, Yoga is a lifestyle practice which began more than five thousand years ago. It is focused on uniting the body, mind and spirit to create better balance in life and better living with one another. In most cases, Yoga is often practiced with meditation, where one comes to centering and developing focus and concentration. Through this, a person who practices meditation learns how to control his mind and his thoughts in general.

In the modern age, Yoga is regarded as a form of physical exercise - though in most cases, the practice of mind centering through meditation is still practiced. Yoga is more than just a physical practice. Of coursee, it can bring a lot of physical benefits and wellness if we practice the physical part of Yoga, or also known as Asanas, regularly.

yoga posturesAsanas, or Yoga postures, are often practiced to purify the internal well-being of an individual and to develop physical fitness. These are good in promoting balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, and stability. There are plenty of other health benefits that we can get through the regular practice of Asanas, such as internal cleansing, prevention of certain diseases, and even weight loss. Asanas are most often practiced through Vinyasa, which is a flow of breath-synchronized movement. The practice of Vinyasa, which is a continuous flow of Asanas, along with proper breathing and the right alignment, promotes body heat and profuse sweating, and this results in internal cleansing and detoxification.

There are plenty of different styles of Yoga practiced these days, Vinyasa yoga is just one of them. Therefore it should be easy for us to find the right Yoga style that will best suit our needs and preferences.