This particular section of the site deals with the fascinating subject of yoga and how we can integrate it into our lives to promote physical and mental/spiritual growth.

It is a discipline that almost anyone can participate in and gain great benefits that exceed many other forms of more basic physical exercise.

yogaYoga basically means "join together or unite" and is embraced by its practitioners as a means of bringing together energy, or uniting the individual consciousness with the energy of universal consciousness.

In practice, it is a combination of the physical and mental faculties and is limited only by what a person is capable of striving for. Simply put, it means that any person can do as much or as little as they are capable and still gain from its beneficial qualities while continued participation will lead to increased ability over time.

What Yoga is Not

Of course, if you have never tried it before, yoga may seem like a strange prospect to associate yourself with. Perhaps you have a vision in mind of tree hugging hippies toting flower power and ringing little bells at everyone.

We all have ideas in our heads about how things are when we don't really know much about them aside from what we've been told by others or seen on TV or read about in newspapers, magazines and books. This subject is no different and certainly has its fair share of strange perceptions attached to it by those that don't really know it.

Don't worry, as it's not really like that, although many satirical TV shows, news items and features in certain periodicals may have painted that kind of picture to get cheap laughs or they simply regurgitated second hand information from unreliable sources.

We can all have our perception of things created or altered through the many media that we subscribe to every day. That doesn't make what we learn in this way right.

Learning How Yoga Can Help You

The reality is that this is a discipline that really can help a person to improve their mental as well as physical health in many ways.

Through light and often easy physical exercises and poses coupled with uplifting breathing exercises, this is a fantastic way to boost your body's internal well being and mental as well as spiritual growth.

Coupled with the physical are the mental exercises that accompany the discipline. These are first learned and then improved upon through better understanding and continued practice.

To help a person gain a better understanding of how yoga can be integrated into their lives as a means of growth in the physical, mental and spiritual planes, I have put together a series of informative articles covering various aspects of the discipline. You can read them at your leisure and hopefully gain a better insight into how it can help you in many ways.

Take a look at the selection of titles below and simply click on any that peaks your interest to read it in full.