Infinite Intelligence

In the previous article, I talked about the mind's ability to hook up with the source of all knowledge, conveniently known as Infinite Intelligence, although you can fairly well put any suitable name to it if you wish.

It is an entity that can only be fully realized with a good measure of faith, because there is currently no scientific, hard proof it even exists.

contemplating infinite intelligenceBut that is of no matter to the few in every crowd that understand its potential and accept its existence without question. Remember, the masses do not know of or use this power. But the masses are not the select few who grow to prosperity and fully realize their own potential in this life!

So what is this esoteric entity that is so powerful, potentially so influential and so helpful, yet virtually unknown to mankind?

It is not really the same as human mental intelligence that we all possess and have the ability to enhance through natural learning. Or with the massively trending Inteligen Brain Supplement to enhance your natural brain power.

It is difficult to describe something that one cannot see or hear or otherwise sense with the five major physical senses. No more or less difficult as it would be to describe God to a person who has never known religion. And no less difficult for such a person to accept as real!

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What Is Infinite Intelligence?

The best way to describe Infinite Intelligence is if you think of all the energy that exists in the universe being a single entity and that entity being in total communication with every aspect of itself. It thus contains the sum knowledge of the entire universe, from the immense power of the mighty stars to the humblest single cell life form. Yet this energy is almost ethereal in nature, being invisible to our physical senses and only measurable with the most sensitive and advanced instruments that we can produce and then only in rudimentary form.

Access to such knowledge can only be obtained by a similarly ethereal link, but each of us possesses that link. Most of us just don't know it. Those of us who comprehend its existence as far as we are able and are learning how to access it via our mental link have created amazing things to date. But these things are material and barely scratching the surface of what is believed to be possible.

We live in physical bodies and correspond to the material realm, so it is only natural that we should create on the material plane. The Carnegies, Edisons, Rockefellers, Wrights, Shakespears, Lincolns, Da Vinci's, Dickens et al of this world have tapped into this power and produced incredible results in the creation of wealth, power, invention and art and a thousand and one other things that have enriched their lives and the lives of millions on the material plane of this life.

One day, we will progress and unravel more secrets but for now, it is enough to have faith and simply accept the existence of such a power.

Accessing Infinite Intelligence

The big secret that seems to be hidden from the masses but is really not a secret at all is that anyone can access Infinite Intelligence and it is done via the mind. As far as we know at this point in time, it can only be done in those quiet moments when our minds are relatively still and not cluttered with the goings on of our day to day lives. It takes some effort of will to quiet our minds and the best way that it can be achieved is through the art of meditation.

The mind needs to be still and receptive to the ideas and "hunches" that come to it from Infinite Intelligence when we ask for answers to problems that beset us or need to know how to achieve or create something in our lives. First of all, we need to know how to ask the question we need the answer to!

We do this by forming a definite goal or desire in our mind. The best way to do that is to physically write it down! When you see the thing you want there in front of you in black and white, it fixes the desire in your mind and enables your thoughts to dwell on that desire over and over to the point where it becomes affixed in the subconscious part of your mind as a definite major purpose or desire in your life.

It's no good simply wanting to get rich or to wanting to live in a peaceful world, because these are not definite desires. They are indefinite and these are the general desires of the masses, which is why the do not come into form. They are simply not asked for in the right way.

To illicit a definite answer, you must ask a definite question!

By creating a subconscious knowledge of the definite thing you desire, you are then able, when your conscious mind is very still, to put your desire before Infinite Intelligence and your questions will be answered in the manner of you being given fleeting ideas or hunches to act upon. It is then up to you to recognize an answer when it is given to you. Many do not and blindly dismiss these fleeting hunches as of little or no value.

But this is where the masses go wrong! When you have created a definite purpose, a solid desire for a thing and Infinite Intelligence hints as to how you may achieve the thing desired, you have to accept the idea and act upon it! If you do not, then you will have missed out on what could potentially alter your life for the better.

Practice Makes Perfect

Thomas Edison used his "cat nap" technique to illicit answers to the problems that beset him when trying to invent things. He would sit in a chair holding a stone, relax his mind into a state of meditation and ask his question of Infinite Intelligence. As he gradually sank deeper into eventual sleep, his hand would relax and drop the stone which would awaken him and alert him to the answer that may or may not have been given during that cat nap.

Edison learned to use this technique over time and perfected it through practice. It unveiled some incredible "ideas" that he then acted upon to invent some of the most innovative items of the time, including the incandescent light bulb.

But if you think it came easy to Edison to create a working electric light bulb, think again. It took more than simply putting an idea to work and coming up with a working model. In fact, Edison failed to make his creation work at first and it actually took him around ten thousand attempts before he finally created a working bulb that would be commercially useful. He failed ten thousand times before he succeeded!

That must tell you something about what it really takes to use the power of Infinite Intelligence to achieve your definite desire or purpose that you set out with. Idly wishing for a thing won't make it happen or attract it into your life. Once you have your idea, you must work on it with all your passion and belief that you will achieve it and ultimately succeed. You must be tenacious and determined well beyond the capability of the average person and you must truly believe with all your heart and soul that you will succeed!

This is how to use the power of thought to bring about a major success in life. You may and probably will fail countless times along the way, but you must never give up! You can only ultimately fail at anything if you give up. If you never give up you can never fail!

Using this Knowledge

Remember that when you are considering making use of this knowledge to attract good into your life or passing it on to others by teaching the Law of Attraction as a form of mental development. It is powerful knowledge and it is there for every living person to use.

The difference between the few who will use it and create success in their lives and the masses who will never use it is a mindset that desires to succeed to the point where success is the only option. And then the dogged determination that will have them working to achieve that end despite what anyone else might say or what the apparent odds are against them achieving it.

Imagine the odds against a humble steel worker rising to become the owner of the most powerful industry in the world. Andrew Carnegie beat astronomical odds and he did it with the power of his mind coupled with unrivalled determination. Imagine the odds against a practically uneducated, poor mechanic rising to create an automobile company that manufactured enough cars to belt the entire planet. Henry Ford beat those odds because he would not listen to those who said it could not be done, or it was impossible!

You can achieve the thing you believe you can achieve if you have that determination and persistence of character that these and countless others had, as well as access to Infinite Intelligence that will provide you with the way to achieve it, as long as you are listening!

Further Reading

There is an excellent book that takes the reader far deeper into the specialized knowledge and understanding of this subject. However, it is not something you might consider as "light reading" but is a serious insight into the makeup of the infinitely powerful intelligence that exists.

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There are other books in this category that you can find easily from that page if you find this one a little too in-depth for your tastes.

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