Attracting Good into Your Life

Following on from the article that introduced you to the Law of Attraction, I now want to explain to you how you can use this knowledge to your advantage by attracting good things into your life.

It's all well and good reading about this power, but it doesn't become a power until it is used.

Therefore, you have to make your mind up to use it and not just read about it and think it's a great idea.

Putting any knowledge to good use is the way to make it work for you and the power of the mind is no exception. It may seem like a difficult thing to do at first, but just remember that so do most things in life when you first try them. Like riding a bike, you will totter and fall many times before you get the knack and become an accomplished cyclist!

Harnessing the Power of Your Mind

You have an amazing power at your command, as does every living person, in what we understand as originating from your brain as the "mind". But what exactly is this amazing entity that we all have and all use every day of our lives, yet still so poorly understand?

While we still don't have all the answers to those questions, we do have a lot more than was known 50 or 100 or so years ago. Yet right back then, and long before that, there were people who knew how to use their minds to bring them great achievements.

The book "The Secret" revealed that this knowledge has been in existence since the beginning of civilization and can be traced back to Biblical times and even further back than that.

If you can put aside any religious beliefs and critical notions for a while, then take an objective look at what Jesus was told to have accomplished and taught in his life, you will see some amazing parallels with what we know today and what a select group of people have known down through the ages. The "miracles" Jesus performed as were told in the Bible can just as easily be explained in how he used the power of his mind to accomplish things that would have astounded his onlookers and even the apostles.

I won't expand much more on that in this article as it can take many examples which will surprise you. Once your reasoning mind kicks in, you will see how down to earth the explanations are, but they will be explained in a separate article.

Suffice it to say that people have taken this knowledge and used it to their advantage right back as far as our historians have been able to write about them. Many more will have been missed but the ones we do know about have actually been interviewed and have revealed their "secret" that is really no big secret but just something most of us don't use.

It's the power of our thoughts, but more precisely how we use those thoughts.

You can expand your knowledge of this concept by taking a look at the Law of Attraction certification course for practitioners by Dr Joe Vitale by following that link. That article explains what the course is about and how it can help you to progress in your own personal development in life.

From Rags to Riches

Andrew Carnegie was at one time the richest man on the planet, making his name and his fortune in the fledgling steel industry in pre-recession America. Yet he was not given any lucky breaks, nor did he inherit any capital from rich parents or relatives. He started at the bottom as a lowly steel worker and was further hampered by the fact that he was an immigrant from Scotland.

With little formal education and a poor background, any boss of the time would have taken one look at this person and not given him any chance of being anything more than a poor laborer. But Carnegie had other ideas. He had one asset that every other worker had but the difference between him and all the other workers was that he chose to use it!

Carnegie harnessed his thoughts and through his own personal discipline, turned them to think about nothing else but his burning desire for wealth, position and power. His burning desire was to run the steel industry. It was definite and it filled his entire waking thoughts. He believed with all his heart that he would achieve his desire and this is what set him apart from every other person in that industry.

While everyone else squandered their mental power on reading newspapers and engaging in idle chit chat and gossip of no real consequence, Carnegie used his thoughts to visualize himself as the owner and director of the steel industry. His thoughts were positive, channelled and directed to that end and nothing would sway him from his belief that he would achieve his ambition.

Do you think you can make your thoughts so determined and channelled as to do what this unassuming little Scotsman did at the beginning of the 20th Century? He had nothing else but the power of his desire, determination and dogged persistence to carry him from lowly worker to the head of one of the biggest industries in the world and amass a fortune unrivalled by anyone else at the time.

Use Your Thoughts

There are countless other examples of this ability that we all have but so few actually ever use. Thomas Edison, arguably the world's greatest inventor of all time started out with practically no formal education and worked as a telegraph operator.

He had bigger ideas! His ability to focus his thoughts on achieving the physical creation of the ideas that he imagined enabled him to attain the status of not just inventor but the owner of a hugely successful business. How did he learn how to create the electric incandescent light bulb, or the sound recording machines and moving picture machines and dozens of other amazing devices of the time?

He didn't learn. No one taught him. He used his imagination to create ideas and then used his mind's power of desire to cause the Law of Attraction to bring those ideas into reality. It wasn't easy, because if it was then everyone would be doing it. But it took some sacrifice by not wasting time idly frittering away thoughts on inconsequential things but focusing those thoughts on the creation of the things that he desired to bring into form.

You can do the same!

But to do it, you have to stop idly wasting your thoughts on considering and internally debating all the things that are going on around you. This isn't real thinking! It's just a way of keeping your brain busy. Real thinking constitutes the use of true creative thought and that takes some effort. It means focusing your thoughts on the thing you desire, making that thing definite and precise and then spending as much time as you can on using your thoughts to create the belief that you will have the thing desired.

Thoughts are an attractive force as already explained in a previous article. When your thoughts vibrate on a certain frequency, the thing being thought about is attracted to those thoughts. The burning desire to have the thing desired hooks up to the physical thing desired and draws it to you by attraction.

Your belief in your ability to have the thing desired mixed with your determination to have it and your persistence in then taking action and doing the things that are necessary to bring it into form will, in time, cause the thing to become a reality in your life!

While this is not a simple task of sitting in a chair and dreaming of something you want, it is a powerfully attractive force that will work as long as you take action to make it work. In the process of attracting the thing you want through your constant use of thought, you will, as if by magic, "come up with" ideas that will give you a way to make the thing your desire come into being.

It might seem like a "hunch" at the time, but you must learn to follow those "hunches" because they are, in truth, messages that you have attracted from what can only be described as an Infinite Intelligence that this mode of thought hooks you up to.

What Infinite Intelligence is, know one really knows for sure. But those of us who use it know it exists and is a repository of all the answers to all the questions that can ever be asked. You just have to know how to as the right questions. And you do that with your thoughts in creating the ideas which become, in effect, requests for the answer to the question of how to bring them into existence.

The power of thought and its interaction with Infinite Intelligence will be described more fully in a subsequent article in order to keep this one to a reasonable length. Please return to the home page and find the subsequent articles(s) in the list at the foot of the page.