Take Action to Attract Your Desires

There is a part of the attracting process in the law of attraction that requires you to take action to attract what you want in life and enjoy the many benefits of understanding how the law works.

Far to many people who have a passing interest in manifesting through the law of attraction fail to materialize anything of any value simply because they fail to take physical action.

What do I mean by taking action?

What is Taking Action?

take actionBy taking action, I mean that you need to literally get up out of your chair and mobilize your own human resources (you).

It means you need to act now and do whatever needs to be done in the physical world to bring about the manifestation of the thing that you desire. Merely dreaming and wishing for something is not going to do much to send it on its way to you!

Generate the Means to an End

For example, if you desire to own a certain flashy sports car that you have seen in the showroom, the first obvious step to take is to do something to generate the cash that you'll need to buy it with. It's no good idly wishing the money to drop in your lap.

There is also little point in buying a lottery ticket and hoping you'll win a big cash prize so you can flip the bird to your boss and go buy the car with cash. The odds of winning the lottery are guzillions to one!

Get Real

The action you will need to take will be more realistic and down to earth. It will involve starting a business of some kind that will generate a steadily increasing profit that you will be able to use to buy the object of your desire in a reasonable time frame.

To start such a business, you will need to set in motion your mental faculties to create the idea for a business that will be profitable and successful. This is the part where you get to use your mind to manifest not physical objects, but ideas that will lead to the acquisition of those physical objects sometime in the future.

How to Take Action?

The ″how″ part of the taking action process is simply to start at the beginning by using your imagination to come up with your own million dollar idea.

The idea is the seed from which a hugely successful venture will grow.

When the experts talk about using the power of the mind to manifest your desires, they actually mean generating ideas from that fertile seed bed inside your head called the imagination. The truly successful ventures all started with an idea that came from the imagination of someone.

Getting the ball rolling is only a small part of the whole process. You also need to get yourself into harmony with what you intend to do by becoming really enthusiastic and positive about what you want to achieve.

Using the Law of Attraction

The metaphysical part of the process is jump started by your own positivity and enthusiasm.

This state of mind, of being and of feeling is what creates the energetic vibration that is sent out to the ether to attract its like and draw people and circumstances to you that will enable the project to take form and grow.

Once the idea has been realized in a way that it can generate the circumstances that will lead to the building of the business, you will also attract the right people to help you to get it off the ground, finance it and make it work.

Getting Educated

You can greatly increase your ability in this area by learning all you can about the process from experts.

Such as the well known metaphysician Dr Joe Vitale who just happens to have a law of attraction certification training course available for people to obtain (follow the link to read my review of this course).

Getting yourself educated is a sure way of increasing your chances of getting what you want because you'll know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Attracting Different Things

Of course, not everybody wants to attract a fancy sports car into their life. Different people have different desires and wishes.

Some people are content to attract a happy and fulfilling relationship with someone. The mechanics of attracting that certain person is more or less the same as attracting money.

Instead of the action being to form a money-spinning venture, the action will be in putting yourself out there where you are most likely to meet that special person who will fulfil your dreams.

You may choose to visit certain places that attract people that are into the same things that you are, have the same interests or hobbies, for instance. You will also take action by putting yourself into the right frame of mind to appear attractive and approachable to others.

Again, that means becoming positive, open, happy and charming because to meet someone with the goal to begin the relationship you want, you must also be the person the other person wants to meet.

This creates the attraction process because your vibe is put out there to find and attract another person with the same vibe, because you attract what you feel.

Attraction In Action

Perhaps you will start this process with a moderate desire that can more easily be realized through the power of attraction and fuelled by your own action taking.

Whatever the end goal, a big part of your ″action″ will involve getting yourself into the right mental and emotional state to best attract what you want. Being positive and happy will attract to you positive and happy people and circumstances.

Being actively propagating your positive, upbeat and happy nature, you are raising your vibration to the level where it will attract others on the same wavelength.


The object of all of this is to enable your power of attraction in bringing to you the things that you will need to manifest your desires.

Nothing happens when nothing happens!

When you take action, you set in motion a series of events that will culminate in the manifestation of whatever it is that you have chosen to bring into your life.

Initiate that action right now and you may surprise yourself at just what you can achieve when you truly desire it.

Posted on: Friday December 10, 2021

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