You Attract What You Feel

Since you are actively engaged in learning about the Law of Attraction, in may help to realize that you attract what you feel more than what you merely think!

There has been a lot of interest in making this law work in so many people's lives, yet so few have enjoyed any kind of real, visible success and so many have simply given up trying because it doesn't work for them.

attract what you feelWell, there is a good reason why you may not be attracting to you the things you want. You could be doing it all wrong!

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work

There is a right way and a wrong way of doing most things and getting this law to work in your life is no exception.

Doubtless you have already read the book and likely also watched the docu-movie "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and thought you had a pretty good handle on how to make it work for you.

It seemed so easy when the various presenters explained it in terms of "If you can imagine it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand."

Missing the Message

The problem is that's where the explanation seemed to stop for most readers/viewers. That was not exactly the complete explanation of how the law works.

Although a fuller explanation was mentioned in the book and movie, it was missed by a large number of people like there was some kind of hidden message.

Actually, the message was hidden in plain sight.

The Easy Road

You see, the natural human way of things is to hear what you want to hear as long as it sounds easy enough and discard what you think might be hard to do.

It sounds really easy to imagine holding a fat stack of cash in your hand and hoping it will come true as you sit back in your chair and dream of cash raining out of the sky into your lap.

Well, you can do that all you want, but unfortunately it's just not going to happen that way!

Imagining something is relatively easy. There's no arguments there. However, there is an extra step that must be included with that to give that imagined visualization the power to make it attract to you.

You must feel it!

The Hard Road

On the surface, that may also sound pretty easy. Just picture the new car you want and get into the feeling place of actually driving around in it.

However, getting real, feel-able emotive energy to build up steam and fire up your individual resonance to a fever pitch takes some work. A lot of work and a lot of practice, because for most people, it's not going to happen on the first attempt.

This is where the hard part becomes an obstacle for most people.

Getting Serious

It is at this point that, if you're serious about learning the Law of Attraction and getting it to work for you that you're going to need to take on the extra work and start really using your mental and emotional faculties in harmony.

The task is to get your message of what you want out to the universe in a language that it understands and will respond to. It doesn't understand mere wishing or dreaming, you need to take action.

This is why so many people that spend so much time on their knees praying for something rarely ever have their prayers answered.

The universe understands thought combined with feeling (emotion) and that's what it will hear and respond to. Just be careful that you are very clear and precise about what it is you are asking for!

Conclusion: Attracting What You Want

When you can combine a mental image of what you want with the burning desire to have it coupled with the emotional experience of actually having it right now (in this moment) and hold on to that experience for as long as you can, you will have a real shot at attracting the good you desire and manifesting it in the physical world.

That's because you don't attract what you want (no matter how much you want it), you attract what you feel!

When you can get this concept rooted into your mind and can spend time bringing all your human power together, mental and emotional, for a massive push out to the universe, the universe will hear you, understand you and respond to you.

And you will have activated the Law of Attraction in your life to attract what you want because you are feeling it as well as thinking it.

Posted on: Thursday Apr 29, 2021

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