Attraction: We Are All In This Together

There is a lot more to the idea of togetherness than many people realize.

This is especially so since the rise in awareness of the potentiality of the human mind and how we may actually be in closer communication with each other than we currently believe we are.

The recent popularization of the Law of Attraction in the book and movie "The Secret" has brought the concept to more people than ever.

If you haven't gotten around to exploring that concept just yet, the short explanation is that according to quantum physics, everything in the entire universe is made up of one element, energy. That means we are all made of the same stuff.all in this together

Energy, Frequency, Vibration

What is more fascinating is that when energy comes together to create a form such as a star, a rock, a sound wave or a human being, it vibrates at a certain frequency.

Inanimate objects will vibrate at certain frequencies and only change when external forces act upon them to alter their circumstances. Such as the heat of the sun warming a stone or water moistening a seed in the soil causing it to germinate.

But we humans are equipped with an incredibly powerful force that inanimate objects do not possess. That force is our mind!

We can literally change the vibration that our bodies are in by altering the emotional state we are experiencing and we do that with our thoughts, which is a topic discussed at length in my article on Law of Attraction certification. Attraction is based upon frequency as like energy attracts like energy.

Take that concept one stage further where like energy vibrating on a certain frequency depending on how it is shaped by our emotions is attracted to like energy in another space that is vibrating on the same frequency.

Happy and Positive

When a person is feeling happy, they will be attracted to other happy people. This can be seen all around as groups of people tend to gravitate toward each other when they're all feeling the same way.

How often have you come across a group of people that were all laughing together and seeming to be having a really great time in each other's presence?

This is the Law of Attraction at work in it's positive aspect. A similar effect is often seen when a group of sports people in a team are focused on winning their game and they appear to get all the lucky breaks, because they are taking positive action in order to win.

Sad and Negative

When a person is sad, they are attracted to other sad people. You have probably noticed this happen with people you know or even in yourself when you are in a particular emotional state.

If you are ever watching a football game where one team seems to be having all the luck, while their opponents just don't seem to be able to do anything right. Guess which team are in an upbeat, positive frame of mind and which have their heads down and are feeling that they're already beaten!

The upshot of this is that there is a lot of power in emotion. You can literally attract what you are feeling whether that emotion is positive or negative in nature.

Thoughts and Emotions

Our minds create thoughts which are both governed by and responsible for our emotions. Our thoughts are also energy forms that vibrate on certain frequencies depending on our emotional state and this can be measured scientifically using sensitive monitoring equipment.

Since we are attracted to other people who are in the same frequency of vibration as ourselves and our thoughts are energy forms, the logical connection you would make is that like minds may also be in contact with other like minds through this attraction of vibrating energy. We just don't know it yet because we are not aware of it.nikola tesla

Perhaps the day will come sometime soon when we do become aware of this aspect of our minds and our infinitely powerful mental capacity that quantum mechanics tells us about.

When that day comes, we will have definite proof of a theory that many already believe is true in that we are in constant contact with each other and that we are all in this incredible miracle of life not alone as individuals, but together as one.

This is because we are certainly all connected by this invisible force, that the genius inventor, Nikola Tesla (pictured, right) knew as "energy, frequency and vibration."

The evidence is there. It is known and understood by those with eyes to see and a mind accepting of things that are not as obvious or fit into the rigid scientific criteria that we're used to.

Posted on: Monday Nov 9, 2020

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