One of the most powerful gifts we humans possess is the ability to heal ourselves when we break. Healing is an internal phenomenon made possible by our makeup, when body and mind work in harmony.yoga

healing in harmony

Unfortunately, a large majority of the mass of humanity is completely unaware of this power each and every one of us possesses.

We have been fooled by a certain few that have controlled the world's media for as long as there has been a means of transmitting a message from the few to the many. Fooled into believing that we don't have any power and that we must rely on the medical profession for our healing.

Fortunately, thanks to certain aspects of that same media, the truth is available to anyone with the curiosity to go looking for it.

Seek and you will find!

What is Healing?

There are a number of forms of healing, as I will get into in this article.

They range from the top level physical form, which can be repairing a broken bone or fixing a damaged organ through deeper forms of physical healing using our own internal repair systems and our immune system going deeper still to working on problems of mental origin.

Physical Healing

Starting at the top, when we break a bone or damage ourselves in some way through accidents, we have a marvellous medical profession designed to repair what we have broken.

In this sense, we should work with the doctor and surgeon in a hospital where we can get the best treatment. After all, very few people know enough about our physiology to be able to perform surgery on themselves and not do even more damage through lack of that knowledge.

At our disposal are certain medications that can help to prevent infection creating secondary health issues following surgery along with painkillers to give us comfort where without them we would have to suffer great pain.

Where the Lines Blur

It is when we go deeper into the physical body during the kinds of attack that are microbial in nature that we discover a whole different system designed to provide the solution without medical intervention.

The medical profession has an arsenal of medications at the ready to combat a whole array of viral, fungal or bacterial infection that would and often does lay us low. We become sick when infected with any one of a number of unfriendly microbes and in most cases, turn to the doctor for a solution to the problem.

While this course of action usually results in us fighting off the unwanted invasion of our body, it is not the only form of defence available to us.

The Immune System

the immune systemWhile most people are aware they possess an internal immune system that is designed to fight off infection, few are truly aware of just how powerful and potentially effective it actually is.

That's because a large number of people are walking around with greatly suppressed or ineffective immune systems. This happens because of certain lifestyle choices not conducive to our best health.

The good news is that a suppressed immune system can be boosted and brought up to full power through a change in lifestyle. In a state of full power, the body's immune system can deal with any microbial invader, destroying it before it can ever grow to become a real threat.

This is what most people don't know, because they have never been told this (and won't learn it through normal channels in any case).

The real problem here stems from where I began this article by pointing out that much of our ignorance of our own self-healing power is fuelled by a clever and powerful media. We are bombarded by misinformation designed to fool us into believing that we have no power and that we must rely solely on the medical profession for our salvation when we contract an illness of any kind.

Believe what You Are Supposed to Believe

As such, it is difficult to communicate with many people to inform them of their own power because they have become so completely brainwashed by that media that they simply will not believe there is a healing alternative to the doctor.

Most go so far as to believe that anyone that challenges the mainstream narrative is a nutcase.

Again, that belief is part of the propaganda transmitted by the media to prevent any deviation from the narrative and to discredit anyone that dares to challenge it.

Be Brave

To get past the mental conditioning, you really need to be brave and dare to stand out from the crowd. That's because the crowd won't help you, they won't support you and they won't accept your knowledge.

Once you accept that you're largely on your own (until you actually meet others with the same beliefs), you can dig in and dare to challenge the mainstream narrative. You can do this because the knowledge you possess is more powerful than the lies you've been told all your life.

That knowledge includes how our immune system is much, much more than just a bunch of white blood cells that float around looking for germs to kill.

There are at least four levels of defence that we possess to identify, seek and destroy any invading microbe and as long as they are all available at full power, we can stop just about anything.

Four Lines of Defence

line of defenceWe start with the first line of defence, which is located at the point in our bodies that where most infecting microbes will try to gain access. The tonsils!

It has only been recently discovered by medical researchers that the tonsils have more than just an arbitrary job to perform. The location of the tonsils is perfect as a guardian set at the door of our body because it sits right in the way of any intruder coming in through the main openings right there in our heads.

The Tonsils

Our eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth are the four main openings where we are most likely to allow infection to gain access, by breathing in airborne microbes or by transferring them from surfaces we have touched with our hands.

The microbes must try to pass the tonsils, but instead they are absorbed into the tonsils where they are identified, marked as unfriendly and remembered. Yes, remembered!

The tonsils then communicate with the immune response that now knows exactly what it has to fight off.

Incidentally, this is why intravenous vaccines are not very effective, because they are bypassing the tonsils altogether, thereby introducing an invader that the body doesn't know what to do with!

However, that may be a topic for some heated discussion outside this article.

While Blood and Killer T Cells

The next two lines of defence include the while blood cells that most of us know about, that have the job of finding and immobilising the invading microbes.

The other of the two are killer T cells, that also patrol our vascular system and deal with the invaders accordingly.

What is not so well known by most people is what happens when an invader is identified by the tonsils. A message is sent out to fortify the defences and the body starts manufacturing millions of new white blood and T cells to combat the invader.

Nitric Oxide

If all that wasn't enough (and in some cases it is not enough), a further line of defence exists inside our blood vessels that has only recently been uncovered. That is the body's natural production of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is present in the blood vessels primarily to help dilate them when needed. Bodybuilders have known this for a long time and actively include high nitrogen foods in their diet because it helps them train longer and harder thanks to increased blood flow.

The new discovery is that nitric oxide also possesses powerful antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Its presence in blood vessels aids in the destruction of infectious microbes, particularly in the areas where most infections begin.


The nasal cavities, throat and respiratory system often tend to suffer the brunt of unfriendly microbial attacks and it is in these areas where nitric oxide production can be enhanced to help eliminate the infection quickly.

By doing deep breathing exercises, you can increase nitric oxide production in the respiratory tract and that will aid in healing the infection in that area.

An even more recent discovery is that simple humming greatly increases the production of nitric oxide, especially in the nasal cavities. This may be something to explore, because humming can be a way of preventing an infection by a cold or flu virus (corona virus) ever even taking hold.

The Fifth Defence

There is actually another, last ditch line of defence that the body has at its disposal when its main defences have failed.

Heat. We call it fever.

This is only really useful when dealing with most viral attacks, because most viruses are killed by excessive heat. In an attempt to rid itself of the virus, the body will raise its core temperature, often to dangerous levels.

A fever is a frightening occurrence for many people, more so for those treating the patient rather than the patient themselves. The usual response to a fever is to try and bring it down.

However, if you stop and think about why the person is exhibiting a prolonged high temperature, you'll realize it's the body trying to heal itself with the last resort system it has available, often because it's first lines of defence have been nullified (I'll explain why, below).

Why Does My Immune System Not Protect Me?

For large numbers of people, this information may seem of little help when they are feeling smothered by a viral infection like a heavy cold or the flu, for example.

They might wonder why this miraculous immune system didn't do its job and they are suffering under the weight of the infection which leaves them feeling weak and helpless.

Time to call the doctor to administer some form of medication that will invariably come with a payload of unwanted side-effects and often do more damage than good. OK, I'm being a little cynical here, but I'm not too far off the truth either.

Suppressed Immune System

The reason your immune system isn't keeping up and annihilating the invader before it takes hold is because your immune system is not in a healthy state itself!

The reason for this is generally down to one or two main causes:

  1. You have been under a lot of stress
  2. Your diet is high in sugar


Stress is well known as a suppressor of the immune system. During lengthy episodes of stress, the body is flooded with the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol acts like a switch that literally turns off the immune system.

Not suppresses. Turns OFF!

This is a disaster, when you consider the implications. With the immune system inoperable, any invading virus or bacteria can enter your body and get busy multiplying without any real opposition whatsoever!

Is it any wonder you start to feel bad really fast after contracting a cold or flu?


The other heavy suppressor of the immune system is a diet high in sugar. Whether that sugar comes directly from eating or drinking sweetened products or from the body's own metabolism of the sugars contained in carbohydrates, the result is high blood sugar levels.

The body's response is to release high levels of insulin to bring down the blood sugar levels. Unfortunately this has the knock-on effect of suppressing the immune system until such a time as the sugar problem has been resolved and the insulin levels are dissipated and returned to normal.

Attention to Diet

This situation is something that is completely controllable by a person, yet lack of education and understanding is getting in the way of millions of people giving themselves a chance to fight off infections before ever needing to see the doctor.

Without it's defences working, the body succumbs to the attack and fires up a last-ditch attempt to fight off what ails it. It induces a fever to try and kill the invader with heat, as explained earlier.

Call the Doctor!

call the doctorAt this point, the doctor is called for and medications administered to bring down the fever and also to make the patient feel better.

Note, no attempt is made to kill the invading virus with medications, simply because medical science still cannot cure the common cold (or any other virus, for that matter)!

Just remember that last fact when you're arguing with yourself whether it's better to rely on the doctor to heal you or your own body to heal itself.

Mental Healing

If our physical body is not in need of healing at a particular time, but we still feel down, lethargic, stressed or depressed or even anxious, the root cause can often be found within the mind and not necessarily have any direct physical origin.

The mind can play tricks on us not just with regard to visual experience but also to emotional experience.

But is the problem all in the mind?

Here is a point that may create some argument, but it is my opinion based on years of research and experience, that emotional causes in need of healing do not always originate in the part of the mind that is associated with the brain.

What is this?

While the brain is traditionally considered to be the seat of the mind, all mental faculties including memory, recent discoveries challenge that consideration.

The Heart

The brain is a neural network of communicating cells, as is well known. But it is also now known that the heart also contains its own neural network of cells that communicate in the same way that brain cells do.

What's more, the heart and the brain were designed to communicate with each other, or to work together to promote our health and well being in its most potent form.

The problem is that over the centuries, this knowledge has become lost or withheld so that most people are unaware of it to the point where the focus for mental problem treatments have only focused on the brain. The power in the heart has been missed entirely for centuries.

Heart and Mind

Even today, the so-called experts are still not in agreement as to the potential of this knowledge. However, one thing is very clear and obvious to someone with the awareness to see past the smokescreen:

To be clear, it is my belief that while the seat of the consciousness and with it the mental faculties of rationality, reason, logic and concentration reside in the brain, the faculties of emotion and awareness reside in the heart.

Assuming this is correct, the next step in our evolution would be to learn how to harmonise the heart and the brain and have them working together for our physical, mental and even spiritual improvement and growth.

This could pave the way for the healing of psychological disorders that are unresponsive to treatments focused on the brain. Or it could remain as hidden and secretive as possible by certain powerful people that would not benefit from this knowledge being made public in such a way as to prove the true potential of the human organism.


At least for now, we are back to the way we are with respect to finding solutions to our need for healing either physically or mentally.

It is no great secret that the medical profession in collusion with the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry has no financial interest in people healing themselves without any need for medical intervention.

Without financial incentive, there is literally no incentive.

Since this industry drives democratic society from all directions, there is little chance that any influential public figure will ever stand up and reveal this truth to the masses. Don't expect any politician to ever talk about this in any context other than to discredit anyone who does as some kind of crazy conspiracy theorist.

For now, all we can do is try to learn as much about the heart-brain connection as we can through personal trial and error, strategy and dogged determination. Learning about alternative holistic healing practices is a start in the right direction.

Learning about physical and mental expansion disciplines like yoga and meditation is another step in that direction. To sum up, the only way I can see that people will ever learn to take back their inherent power is to get out of their comfort zones, think outside the box and get busy doing what they can to learn and understand through their own ability to research and absorb knowledge.

I will expand on the topic of healing in a series of in-depth articles in this category on this website. See the titles listed below: