Making Sacrifices

It's quite natural to hear the word "sacrifice" and immediately think of having to give something up that you like.

You hear of people making sacrifices in life such as sacrificing leisure time to work more hours to earn more money, or sacrificing a weekend break to be able to pay the rent, or other such things of that nature.

However, there is more to this circumstance than meets the eye and when you learn how to really make proper use of sacrifice, you will discover there is a great deal to be gained.

making sacrificesThe first thing you need to do is to change your impression of what exactly sacrifice is. Don't think of it as having to lose something, but instead think of it as sacrificing something of a lower nature in order to gain something of a higher nature.

The chess player understands this concept well. When playing the game, a certain piece will be sacrificed in order to win the game, or to gain an advantage over the other player. They give up, say a bishop in order to be able to take the opponent's queen in several moves further along.

Sacrifices in Life

In life, we all make sacrifices, but it is the sacrifices that we make that don't just mean we lose something but gain something better that make the concept a more appealing one. The trick then, is to look at something that you want to have and then figure out what you need to sacrifice in order to get it by a natural attraction.

As an example, let's say you want to increase your income but feel trapped in a wage structure that doesn't allow for a rise in your present position. It is quite obvious that remaining in that position is not going to produce an increase in income, so you are going to have to sacrifice that position in order to get a better one. How do you do that?

The first instinct is to protect your job at all costs because if you lost it you would lose your livelihood. This is natural and of course correct, especially if you have a family depending on you to support them.

But what if there were a better position available in your present company that you might aim for, but at the time being, there is no opening and you are not qualified for it in any case. This is where you can get started and make a different kind of sacrifice.

Raising Your Stock

If you are lacking in certain skills to do the better job, then now is a good time to start learning those skills. Maybe you can't do that while you are at work, so you will have to sacrifice some of your free time to learn those skills.

Think of how many hours you spend in front of the TV set in the evenings and at weekends. Or how much time you spend over breakfast in the morning reading the morning newspaper with your coffee.

Now think about how much information you could assimilate using your natural intelligence if you substituted that morning newspaper for an instruction manual. How about missing out an hour of TV in the evening to study?

It's a vital part of learning to think for yourself in order to raise yourself up from the place your are now to the place you want to be.

These are sacrifices for sure, but you are giving up things that are non-essential to your life (watching TV and reading a newspaper) to be able to do something that is essential for putting yourself in line for promotion to a more highly skilled and better paid job. You are effectively raising your stock in yourself because you are giving yourself more value to your employer by increasing greater skill level!

What is the Point?

You might say, but what is the point in training for the better job when an opening does not exist? Would I not be putting in all that effort for nothing?

This is the natural response from most people. It is also the reason why most people will be content to stay in the lower paid job and never aspire to the higher paid alternative. They will not see any point in trying unless the opening is already there and offered to them. In which case they will find themselves under-qualified because they didn't take steps to be ready for that opening.

It is why around 98 percent of the population never amount to greatness in their lives. They never go after the bigger fish because they can't see how they are going to catch it, so they believe it can't be caught.

The winner always goes all out to get what they want even when they can't see how they are going to get it or even if what they want exists. They just know they want something better than they already have and so they do whatever they have to do in order to be ready to take it when it presents itself. As it surely will do to the one who is ready for it.

It may be getting rich, improving health or simply carving out a better lifestyle for themselves and their families. Every person has their own idea of what "improvement in life" means and those that decide to seek it will eventually find it.

When you decide that you want to attract good into your life and get the better job and put all your effort into doing what is necessary to get that job, an opening will be made for you, either in your present company or in another company. You just have to be ready to act when the opening presents itself; by making it known to your boss that you are fully trained up and ready to take on the better post.

Nothing impresses a good boss more than an employee that takes it upon themselves to train for a better position without being asked to do it and in their own time and on their own initiative.

The Law

There is a definite law that exists that says that when you outgrow your present position, a better one will be created for you. When you are prepared to make a sacrifice of a lower nature such as skipping some TV time to receive something of a higher nature such as a better job, the law responds.

It does so by placing you in the position to which you have grown into through your own efforts, determination and persistence in taking yourself to the next level in your personal evolution. When you drop your resistance to the possibilities that exist, door will open for you where doors never even existed before.

Try it! You can join the two percent of people who are winners and leave the herd behind. You just have to want to do it and believe that you can.