The Persistence of Resistance

As human beings, the need to fight whatever comes our way probably stems from ancient times when our very survival meant we had to be ready to fight off an opponent who might have wanted to steal our lunch, or a wild animal that might have intended us for its lunch!

We all have this fight or flight mechanism whereby a threat to our safety triggers a massive adrenalin rush into our bloodstream to enable us to perform high levels of muscle activity in an effort to stay alive.

resistance persistsSo it seems natural to assume that resistance is one of the built-in programs that we are all born with, or so you might think. In fact it's a habit and just like every habit, it can be broken by a concerted effort to do the exact opposite, which is to simply work around obstacles rather than trying to meet them head on.

But why would we want to do that, when it is so contrary to our habitual nature?

Why Not Resist?

The reason that we should avoid resisting things is that when we meet with an obstacle and put up resistance to it, we waste much natural energy and valuable time in fighting it. If we are fighting a problem in our lives that is causing us stress or frustration, we could find ourselves spending so much time and energy on the problem that we never really get past it in order to progress on our way.

That energy and time could be put to much better use. For instance, that energy could be best used in working our way around the problem in order to reach our goal in good time and with the most efficient use of our abilities.

There is another good reason for avoiding confrontation and resisting problems as they confront us. That is that what we resist tends to persist. In other words, the longer we spend trying to fight a problem, the tougher that problem seems to get. In fact it brings up a negative side of the law of attraction in that the more you resist things, the more you attract things to resist!


By taking a non-resistant stance in whatever area in your life you may find yourself, you will discover that you are able to achieve much more. For instance, in business the last thing you want to do is to resist customers coming in the door to spend their money. So what do you do? You leave the doors wide open and make it as easy as possible for those customers to enter your establishment and then once inside you make is as easy as possible for them to buy your products.

In days gone by, if you walked into a store, chances are you would have had to open the door yourself which would set off a bell to alert the storekeeper of your presence. You would then have to go up to the counter and ask for what you wanted and the storekeeper would have to go and get it for you.

That might sound like good service, but what is really happening there is that he store owner is resisting business by putting all those blocks in the way of you, the customer getting at the products that you cane in for. Worse, is that you might only buy the one thing you came in for because you were not confronted by any additional alternatives.

Go to a modern store and you can walk around freely and pick up things yourself. You might pass by an item that you hadn't though of buying but because you saw it, you decide to buy that too. When you get to the checkout, there are what is known as "impulse buy" items right where you can see them and it is amazing how many people will pick up that last item and buy it.

If they hadn't seen it right there, they would not have bought it! Being non-resistant to their customers has allowed modern store owners to do far more business than their predecessors.

Non-Resistance in Your Life

You can adapt this idea for attracting good into your life and use it to really help your progress to greater success and prosperity. By being non-resistant to an argument and simply not arguing back can totally defuse the other person by not giving them anything to fight.

Many of us are resisting the good that wants to come into our lives without even realizing it by putting up similar blocks in our thoughts. By holding internal mental conversations and arguments with ourselves, perhaps in response to a news item we saw on TV or a conversation we were earlier involved in, we are wasting our mental energies.

The internal argument affects only the one thinking it and has no effect on the actual argument. All you are doing is putting mental energy into what is essentially a problem that you have no control over and that you cannot change. It is much better to make full use of infinite intelligence by allowing it to come through to us via a non-resistant channel than blocvk it by resisting its egress.

You have to learn to stop resisting the good coming to you by not allowing your internal conversations be anything other than positive ones intended to attract more good into your life!